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07.08.2014iBIB2014/15 – The unique International Business Directory for Innovative Bio-based Materials is available now

Easy and direct access to products, services and experts of the bio-based economy worldwide

nova-Institute and bioplastics MAGAZINE published the 5th edition of the International Business Directory for Innovative Bio-based Materials, iBIB2014/15, and continue the success story of the state-of-the-art B2B directory. The latest edition provides a comprehensive picture of the bio-based economy and presents 65 major companies, associations, agencies, engineering and research institutes as well as certifiers from 15 countries on 4 continents. The complete edition is now freely available as book, PDF and iPad versions. All company profiles are accessible at the online database:
During the last years the market for bio-based materials has achieved international relevance and constant growth. More and more global players take action and expand their products and services of bio-based plastics, composites (WPC/NFC), intermediates and green additives. As an essential part of the market iBIB reflects this growth trend and offers the best way for effectively connecting major suppliers and customers.

In practice iBIB has proven to be an efficient tool for obtaining detailed information about suppliers of bio-based materials and easily finding the right competent contact partner. Already the last edition convinced specialists of the field with well-founded insider knowledge and hundreds of bio-based solutions for almost every conceivable application and industry sector. The latest iBIB2014/15 is available now!

iBIB facts and figures
10,000 copies of the paper edition will be distributed worldwide by the publisher, partners and exhibitors at trade fairs, conferences and other events. Since 2009, the PDF edition has been spread widely by email and on websites and reached more than 30,000 interested parties. The introduction of the online database in 2011 hit a nerve among potential customers – the number of hits has been steadily increasing ever since.
Due to a detailed index of more than 100 specific criteria, the database offers a fast and targeted research tool for customers as well as a complete overview of all company profiles. In the last two years, more than 65,000 single company profiles were downloaded altogether – an increasing number of downloads is expected for the current issue. The iPad version offers mobile access to the online database and provides information about leading suppliers of the bio-based economy at any time and place!

Get visible for thousands of customers
With new features and its international reputation, iBIB2014/15 reflects the full diversity of the bio-based economy. Interim insertion in the online database or registration for the next issue of the International Business Directory for Innovative Bio-based Materials starts in summer 2014!

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More information about iBIB2014/15 and free access to the online database here: