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19.02.2014Bio-based Plastics and Composites, Biorefineries and Industrial Biotechnology – the Highlights from Europe
The 7th International Conference on Bio-Based Materials aims to provide major players from the European bio-based chemical, plastics and composite industries with an opportunity to present and discuss their latest developments and strategies. Representatives of political bodies and associations will also have a say alongside leading companies. For the first time, the conference will feature a third day dedicated to start-ups to put them in touch with investors and industry. One highlight of the conference will be the presentation of the first operational European biorefineries and a status report on industrial biotechnology. It is one of the biggest conferences and provides, with more than 180 participants from all over the world and an exhibition, an excellent platform for networking!

The bio-based economy, and especially the area of bio-based materials, is one of the key drivers of innovative and sustainable development of the economy and industry as a whole. Bio-based plastics and their building blocks are the true centre of attention. More and more companies are entering this field, and Europe is one of the key regions – but it is under great pressure from Asia and North and South America. The 7th International Conference on Bio-Based Materials will present the leading players in this race to establish a European bio-based economy for the future.