CLIB2021 News

21.02.2019 5 Dedicated Workshops at the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering: Financing, Digitization, Sustainable Chemistry, Additive Manufacturing and Chemistry Accelerators
The European Chemistry Partnering is a chemistry community for all stakeholders involved in the sustainable development of our prosperity and thus the...more

14.02.2019 “New Plastics Economy” – High-calibre closing panel at the 3rd ECP with Experts from Think Beyond Plastic, Nouryon, ISC3 and World Economic Forum
The development of new plastics, handling of plastics and the problem of plastic pollution on land and in the sea: for the first time the European Ch...more

12.02.2019 "Energy & Chemistry": At the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering, Start-ups present themselves as part of a new focus area
On 26 February 2019 the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering will take place in Frankfurt. Under the heading "Energy and Chemistry", four Start-ups from ...more


Member news

19.03.2019 Scion is looking for a Technician
•Are you a motivated, hard-working individual with good perseverance who is interested in being a part of a world leading biorefinery programme? ...more

19.03.2019 Scion is looking for a Chemistry Technician
•Are you an enthusiastic, hands-on chemist with an affinity for modern instrumentation? •We need you, to help with the production of biobased pro...more

07.03.2019 c-LEcta develops highly efficient manufacturing process for active cosmetic ingredient
c-LEcta has developed a new and highly efficient manufacturing process for an active ingredient in body care products. c-LEcta’s fermentative produc...more