CLIB2021 News

13.07.2018 Smart CHEM summit 2018 – Bio-based and circular economy on an international stage
On the 22nd of May the Smart CHEM summit 2018 attracted over 200 participants into the new Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki in Turku, Finland. The p...more

13.07.2018 ALIGN project launched
Developing bio-based aromatics from lignin Over the next three years, the eight project partners Axxence, CLIB2021, Fraunhofer CBP, KU Leuven, LXP Gr...more

04.07.2018 New project BioCOnversion
From emissions to a valuable feedstock for plastic precursors The new project BioCOnversion unites multidisciplinary expertise from academia and indu...more


Member news

19.07.2018 Aqua- and Mariculture for Future Food and Biomass Production
New concepts of sustainable aquaculture that dissolve the borders between land and ocean. The conference “Revolution in Food and Biomass Production ...more

16.07.2018 Flanders' first and only pilot line of bio-aromatics from lignin/wood
Recently, Biorizon co-initiator VITO and partners have launched the EFRO LignoValue Pilot project. By Q1 2021, this € 4.3 million project must resul...more

12.07.2018 High-tech strategies for small farmers and organic farming
Mycorrhiza fungi increase yields in a targeted and environmentally friendly way, robots help farmers to control weeds ecologically. Smallholders optim...more