Finished Projects

On the following pages you will find inforamtion on succesfully finished projects of or with involvement of CLIB.


CLIB has been part of the advisory board of BIOTIC, an FP7 project looking for solutions to the innovation barriers that prevent the uptake of industrial biotechnology in European industry. CLIB contributed to the final roadmap „The bioeconomy enabled“ published in June 2015.

German-Russian Cooperation Network Biotechnology

The network aimed at deepening, strengthening and enhancing the cooperation of German and Russian biotechnology companies (esp. SMEs), academic institutions and decision makers in policy and administration . The network that has been established through the project is still actively maintained by CLIB. Further information is vaialbale here.

Delegation Trips

CLIB regularly organizes delegation trips to regions that play an important role in the bioeconomy to provide the possibility for academia, SMEs and start-ups to develop new collaborations and market opportunities.
Each year, we select a country or region which we believe to offer exciting developments in bioeconomy and which is of interest to our members. We establish a first contact with competent local networks. We then organize a trip for our CLIB members to visit the region. Often in combination with a conference in the area, we visit companies and reserch sites, and network with stakeholders. Our aim is to initialize contacts and project opportunities for our members. After the visit, we remain in contact with the network established abroad. Further cooperation, in research or business projects, will be pushed by our members.An overview of past trips is available here.