CLIB: Who We Are

Our motto “Partnering Excellence in R&D, Production and Commercialization is Key to success” mirrors exactly how we build our membership along the i) production and ii) development-oriented value chains:

⇒ The value chain of industrial biotechnology

The production-oriented value chain starts with the agro and silvicultural industry, continues with feedstock providers and bio-/chemical producers and ends with consumer industries. Our cluster strategy integrates professional excellence from all these industrial sectors. In fact, our cluster includes agricultural institutions, producers of renewable resources, bulk and fine chemical companies as well as consumer industries.

Competitive industrial biotechnology requires Research and Development in all these business sectors:

  1. the biological base of future biocatalysts must be analyzed,
  2. the catalyst itself needs to be developed and optimized according to the industrial process,
  3. biocatalysis has to be implemented and, last but not least,
  4. an efficient and affordable downstream processing has to be found.

CLIB’s academia and industry claim technology driving excellence in these fields.
After successful process and product development, commercialization will be the next challenge. CLIB therefore also seeks competence in IP and legal issues, techno-economic evaluation, market access and - in the case of SMEs - access to industrial sites. This is also shown in our membership's structure:

⇒ CLIB membership structure. International members highlighted (full view)

Industrial biotechnology is not a German business only. This worldwide trend requires a global approach. Our members in Germany, Europe, North-America and Russia, are the cluster’s links to global markets.