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31.03.2017 Start-up, biobased businesses can benefit from fully funded, intensive business training for successful innovation.
The BioBase4SME project, co-financed by Europe’s Interreg NWE programme, is now providing start-up companies working in the bioeconomy with €7,...more

30.03.2017 BioBase4SME Natural Fibertastic Workshop aims to encourage SMEs to apply for fully funded Bio-Innovation Coupons for fibre application testing
The BioBase4SME project (co-financed by Interreg NWE), offering bio-innovation support for SMEs, herewith proudly announces its Natural Fibertastic Wo...more

17.03.2017 News on the Brazilian branch edition of the Kick-off G-BiB competition
After a successful kick-off of the Global Biobased Business Competition (G-BiB) involving German and Dutch teams, which had previously occurred on Jan...more


Member news

16.05.2017 “Bio-based Materials of the Year 2017” Announced
Winners are packaging materials based on agricultural residues from BIO-LUTIONS (DE), new generation paper bags from Paptic® (FI) and the first bi...more

09.05.2017 Placing Your Bio-based Material on the Market – Standardisation Activities and Labels in Europe
New trend report highlights certifications and labels for bio-based and biodegradable materials for the European market. Get the latest info on possib...more

27.04.2017 c-LEcta’s Enzyme enabled a novel enzyme cascade - the synthesis of biopolymer precursors
The economic synthesis of valuable compounds by multi enzymatic transformations is gaining more and more attention. This is because the combination of...more



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